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The Demand for Convenience: 2024 Trends for Beverage Automation Industry aim for Low-Stress Flavors

barista handing fresh blends lemonade from drink machine to customer

Botrista cracks the code on drink innovation success with fresh blends beverage dispensers.

Beverage automation leader Botrista’s 2024 Industry Trends Report reveals increasing adoption of self-serve drink machines as restaurants prioritize value and efficiency. With consumers seeking budget-friendly fresh blends despite shifting values, Botrista prepares food service for the future with refreshed tech enabling customization at the push of a button.

Intuitive beverage dispensers like the Botrista Pro are minimizing labor demands while maximizing output variety and consistency – key for a market that craves transparency around fresh ingredients and no-fuss blends.

As classics with a twist lead trends, including 21% surges for watermelon (source) and reliable mixes like green tea lemonade fresh blends, Botrista empowers entrepreneurs to capitalize on convenience while promoting quality, sustainable revenue streams.

customer enjoying lemonade from drink machine

The forecast is flavorful and profitable for eateries innovating with drink machine automation.

See the 2024 Botrista Beverage Report for more on refreshing tech transforming how restaurants approach profits and people through fresh blends beverage dispensers.

Botrista is creating novel drink experiences by blending nature’s best ingredients with their own vibrant creativity. By allowing restaurants to easily expand their menus without the added complexity, they’re providing the support to drive incremental growth with the push of a button.

Their complete beverage solution crafts freshly blended, craveable beverages across various categories allowing them to adapt to any cuisine, style and demographic. 

They deliver a world of flavors at your fingertips by sourcing top tier ingredients from around the globe. Thanks to valuable insights collected through their intelligent CloudBar system, they can guide your menu development with data backed confidence. 

They’re pioneering simple automation, premium ingredients and fresh experiences. Every sip is crafted by nature, perfected by innovation.


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