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Employee Spotlight: Director of Brand Partnerships Jocelyn Rodgers

Meet Botrista’s August Beverage MVP Jocelyn Rodgers, Director of Brand Partnerships! Jocelyn’s charismatic leadership style brings both positivity and inspiration to our team. She is committed to excellence and strives to amplify Botrista’s presence. We are lucky to have Jocelyn and her dedication, creativity, and unwavering commitment to exceptionalism.

Jocelyn was brought on as a Business Development and Relationship Manager, but was recently promoted to Director of Brand Partnerships. “My role is focused on building relationships with our partners, qualifying target brands, and helping our partners to understand all of the exciting benefits of Botrista’s DrinkBot”.

With an extensive background in marketing, Jocelyn took a leap to food and beverage sales. “We have a family joke that I have the gift of gab. I’m great at talking to people and fostering professional relationships, so my family encouraged me to take a leap towards sales. When I got the opportunity at Botrista, I was really excited to wear that partnership hat.” Jocelyn fosters trust with our partners, helping them to see Botrista’s mission and value. One of her goals is to bring in over 1,000 units to our Beverage Director team by the end of this year. We’re rooting for you, Jocelyn!

Jocelyn stays motivated throughout her work week by soaking up information from our leadership team. “I am so inspired by Jason Valentine, Chief Strategy Officer at Botrista. He is kind, successful, and the way that he conducts business is something that I admire.”

Jocelyn is often on the road taking part in conferences, brand meetings, and other outings to connect with partners in-person. “When I get to be at home, I like to spend as much time as I can with my family and friends. Being present is very important to me”. In her free time, Jocelyn also enjoys staying active by taking pilates and cycling classes! “This past week, my cycling instructor gave me a quote that meant alot to me, ‘Any time that you’re faced with a challenge, a committed heart will find a way’. The quotes and affirmations that I take with me, is how I like to lead my week”.

Jocelyn’s unusual skill is being able to guess which clothing brand you’re wearing, based on intuition and pure fashion interest (Our CEO, Sean Hsu, can definitely attest to this😂). “I can also remember a lot about my day and the people that I meet based on which outfit I wore. If I see the outfit, it can visually bring me memories about the day that I wore it”!

If Jocelyn’s coworkers would describe her only using emojis, that they would use: 💕🤗. “I think they’d use the hearts because I’m caring and it’s known that I love the color pink. I think they’d also use the smiley face emoji because I’m someone who tries to bring everyone together and bring light and joy into the workplace”!


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