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Customers and Staff Want More Tech on the Menu

The restaurant industry is experiencing a major tech transformation. Customers increasingly expect tech-enabled experiences when dining out, while staff are looking for better tech tools to improve operations and work conditions. Restaurants that fail to get on board with the latest innovations may start losing business and have a harder time attracting and retaining employees. From customer-facing technology to back-of-house systems, there is a growing desire for more tech in the dining experience.

For customers, technology provides greater convenience, customization, and connection. Digital menus, tabletop tablets, and QR code ordering are becoming more commonplace. Customers also appreciate being able to customize orders and receive their food and drinks speedily. According to Technomic, 1 in 3 Gen Zers find it appealing to order food and drinks made by technology. Generation Z comprise the largest generation in the world with a disposable income of $360


Restaurant staff are also seeing major benefits from updated tech. Handheld POS systems allow more efficient taking and transmitting of orders while freeing up servers to provide better customer service. According to the National Restaurant Association, more than 4 in 10 restaurant operators plan to invest in technology or equipment to increase productivity. Inventory management systems track supplies in real-time to prevent shortages and waste. workforce management software simplifies scheduling, payroll, and other processes to improve organization. Back-of-house technology helps with speeding up food and beverage preparation, increasing operational efficiency, and diversifying cuisine options that better satisfy customers.

Ultimately, technology allows restaurants to deliver better, more consistent and personalized guest experiences. It also helps with back-of-house efficiency and improves the employee experience by reducing frustration and making processes smoother. Restaurants aiming to remain competitive today need a tech strategy that covers everything from online ordering capabilities, management systems to back-of-house systems that support their food and beverage program. The customers and talent they want to attract expect nothing less.

Investing in the right mix of technologies will be essential for restaurants looking to thrive in the coming years. Used strategically, restaurant tech can be a win for both customers and employees. But it should facilitate human connection, not hinder it. When done right, tech on the menu elevates everything. Interested in adding technology to your beverage lineup? Give us a call to discuss your operations and customer base so that we can provide a solution catered toward both your needs.


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