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Botrista Harnesses Michelin-Star Mind, Making Premium Craft Beverages Accessible Through Automation

SAN FRANCISCO – Botrista Beverages harnesses a Michelin-star approach to beverage experience through the industry expertise and insight of Rex Huang, Director of Culinary Product Development. The company has honed in individual ingredient chemical composition, perseverance for excellence, and fanatical devotion to quality sourcing to each craft beverage for the many millions of consumers seeking expertly crafted, functional beverages.

Consumer behavior has recently shifted to the prioritization of beverages that are natural, functional and low in sugar. Over the past few years, most major brands have experimented with changing recipes to reflect consumer demand, including vitamin boosts, clean caffeine, and calming ingredients, such as L-Theanine, Ashwagandha, and others. Coca Cola and Pepsi are ardently working to diminish their severe market-hold reduction by experimenting with these exact ingredients.

Botrista is leagues above and beyond big-box beverages who are fighting to keep up with these trends. Instead, being health, function, and experience-focused are built into its brand at the molecular level. Nothing more clearly demonstrates this than the pedigree and expertise of our Director of Culinary Development, Rex Huang.

“Sharing the same vision with Botrista, I am confident that we can bring restaurant innovation to businesses large and small by enhancing their ability to efficiently provide the best drink experience they can”, says Rex. “Companies like Botrista are the future for hospitality, giving creators, chefs, entrepreneurs and operators the technology they need to stay ahead in our ever-changing industry.”

Mr. Huang guides Botrista’s ingredient compositions, balancing acidity, sweetness and freshness in each recipe. The company recently debuted a newly crafted lemon concentrate for an even more authentic craft beverage, and reformulated their proprietary oat milk to better pair with a wider array of regionally beloved flavors. All ingredients are quality-sourced, from local farms to our global partners, to naturally enhance the experience of the drinks. With expertly sourced ingredients at hand, Rex creates a customized beverage menu tailored to each restaurant brand and complementary to the cuisine served.

“We will continue elevating the drink experience for our partners to make high quality beverages accessible to anyone. From teas, lemonades,milk-based drinks, to functional drinks, Botrista’s ingredient offerings reach its maximum potential when paired with Mr. Huang’s food and beverage industry insight and expertise”, says Botrista CEO Sean Hsu.

About Rex Huang

Rex brings more than a decade of experience in the food and beverage industry. He previously led corporate R&D at Saison in San Francisco, a three-star Michelin establishment at the time of Mr. Huang’s tenure. His knowledge of flavor and taste, down to the molecular level, have made him a highly sought after culinary mind. He was the Chef de Cuisine at Ninebark Napa, the head of both bar and restaurant at New York City's two Michelin-starred restaurant, Atera, and has led top-kitchen innovation, introducing technology and automation to some of the world's top kitchens.

About Botrista Beverages

Botrista provides automated beverage solutions to foodservice operators. Operators can increase ticket size and beverage attachment by serving non-alcoholic craft beverages to younger generation consumers. The trendy innovative craft beverages include infused teas & lattes, flavored lemonades, energy drinks, iced coffees latte and more. Botrista enables operators to add a new beverage category to their menu without the operational complexities. The DrinkBot ® platform allows operators to subscribe to world-class quality from the leading ingredient manufacturers that they partner with. The vision is to make any staff member a professional barista or bartender with a DrinkBot ®.

Botrista Beverages, HQ in San Francisco, California. The company currently has restaurant, convenience store, hospital, coffee shops, and virtual kitchen customers nationwide in the US, and has expanded to Canada, Australia, and Asia. Botrista's DrinkBot is currently operating in multiple national and international brands.

Botrista Beverages

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